Temperature monitor

This is used to take the temperatures and different areas and if the temperature difference is 8 or 10° difference then they should be paranormal activity in that area

Sage and holy wood

This is used to cleanse the house and to keep the Paranormal out because the Paranormal has some sort of hatred for the smell of white sage and it usually cleanses the house and usually keeps them away

EVP meter

This is used to detect the energy that paranormal spirits produce it also picks up electricity if you're on a house that has electricity I suggest you go to the main breaker box turn off all electricity to the house that way you won't get any false readings if you're in the woods and grave yards or in an abandoned building with no electricity you usually get 97 and 98% real Paranormal readings but of course vegetation trees and other people give off electromagnetic energy so you may get a few false readings but after you learn how to use it it is a great tool to spot spirits and paranormal activities

Digital or cassette tape voice recorders

These are used to capture EVPs or electronic voice phenomena cuz usually you cannot hear the spirit talk to you just hit record ask a question wait five or six seconds ask another question wait again then play back and see if you picked up the voice of a spirit answering your questions cat can be bought for extra cash

And of course your choice of camera phone cam video recorders anything you would like to take pictures of video that is ultimately your choice and that's when I usually carry in my ghost hunting house cleansing kit